Our Circle Dance Apprenticeship program

is very flexible. Essentially we look at what an individual needs, where their interests lie, and how much time they have available and work from there. We also have hundreds of step sheets that can be copied for referencing after learning dances. Some examples of past apprenticeships include one or several of the following:

  • One-on-one dance instruction tailored to the needs of a beginner to advanced dancer
  • Instruction in how to read dance notes
  • Instruction in how to lead a dance circle
  • Assistance in developing circle dance programs

We have dormitory style overnight accommodations at a suggested donation of $10 – $20 a night. Food is not provided, but there is a grocery store 5 minutes down the road and cooking facilities are available. Kayla Dauphine, Caretaker/Program Director lives on site and the owner, Jenny Deupree, lives across the street, so there are many opportunities for shared meal planning and eating together. The cost of the apprenticeship itself is on a donation basis as valued by one’s experience. Jenny has been folk/circle dancing for 20 years and Kayla has been circle dancing for 12 years. Neskaya has also hosted many dance workshops led by dance facilitators from around the world.

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