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Local Interest

Franconia Notch Chamber of Commerce

Sacred Circle Dance

Julia Lynam's page, with Seventh Circle, an e-zine with articles of interest and calendar of Circle Dance events in New England and elsewhere.

Shaker's Touchstone Farm, which hosts yoga and dance events and has a huge online library of dances.

Sacred Circle Dance in East Tennessee
At this website you will find background information about Sacred Circle Dance, a schedule of upcoming dance gatherings, and lots of links related to sacred dance, poetry, art, yoga, and more.

Interactive Calendar with listings for Sacred Circle Dance events.

Laura Shannon specializes in Armenian dances, Gypsy dances and women's dances. Laura holds an honours degree in Intercultural Studies and a diploma in Dance Movement Therapy. Her innovative approach to Sacred Circle Dance is appreciated in many countries.


Leah Bella Circular Dances in Weston, FL

Lucy van Leeuwen's Page, Poetry of the Dance.

Dance Musicians

Beverly Woods and Seth Austen and several other musicians who play with them are available to play great live music for dances.

Other Dance Information

NEFFA: New England Folk Festival Association

For information on recreational folk dance, see Bob Shapiro's site, with information about folkdance groups all over the country, choreographies for many traditional dances, and a lot of links to other sites.

Helen's Yiddish Dance Page -- comments on Israeli & Klezmer dance

Roundabout Dancewear -- Dancewear made by Circle Dancers

Women & Women's Spirituality

Sacred Source Divine Images  They have large & small figures of many gods & goddesses from Hindu, Greek, Celtic pantheons.

Jalaja Bonheim  wrote Aphrodite's Daughters, a book about women's spirituality and its connection to sexuality.  Choreographer of Jalaja's Chakra Dance which is now spreading out through the Circle Dance World in several versions and many names.  She is an EXTRAORDINARY workshop leader.

Aviva Gold   teaches Painting from the Source.  The big paintings that hang on the wall at Neskaya were done in her workshop.

WREN - Women's Rural Entreprenurial Network -- these folks are transforming the North Country by teaching women to start & run their own businesses, and supporting us with classes, workshops, tech center, outlet for arts & crafts, etc.  I'm proud to be a Wren.

Earth Magic & New Age

Findhorn Community -- East of Inverness in Scotland, on the edge of the North Sea.  They first became famous for the garden and growing 40 pound cabbages with the help of the nature devas.

Gaviotas, the extraordinary community in Colombia, is alive and well:
For three decades, Gaviotans - peasants, scientists, artists, and former street kids - have struggled to build an oasis of imagination and sustainability in the remote, barren savannas of eastern Colombia, an area ravaged by political terror. They have planted millions of trees, thus regenerating an indigenous rainforest. They farm organically and use wind and solar power. Every family enjoys free housing, community meals, and schooling. There are no weapons, no police, no jail. There is no mayor.
Related links: zeri (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives) and the sustainable village

The Feminine of History is Mystery is a book written by Jenny Deupree.  It's a weave of many ideas, centered around earth energies and the sacred calendar.

Middle Atlantic Geomancy --  earth energies, dowsing, sacred geometry, and Labyrinths.

Feng Shui Palace -- the website of Karen Rauch Carter, who wrote Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, a wonderfully user-friendly guide to magical home decorating.  You can order mirrors, wind chimes, etc. online.

Stone Pages -- for people who are interested in British megalithic monuments.  If you don't know what those are, check these folks out, and then go to Julia's page to see people dancing in Swinside...

Crop Circle Connector -- a guide to those mysterious and beautiful formations that appear in fields of growing grain.  My favorite is the Julia set (a mathematical construct, subset of the Mandelbrot Set -- and there must be links to that, but I don't know of them) that appeared near Stonehenge in 1996.

Innerlinks -- These are the people who designed the Angel Cards and the Transformation Game.

Animal Essences -- for those who use Bach flower essences, and people doing shamanic work, and anyone who'd like to invoke the spirits of helpful animals.  These essences are created by a ceremonial process, no animals are harmed.

Right Work

YES!  Hopeful News for a Just, Compassionate & Sustainable Future

Better Together -- A New Hampshire Organization promoting the building of "Social Capital", which is the web of relationships that gives us a sense of connection, belonging, and community. 

Ithaca Hours -- A program for local currency that can be used as a powerful community building device for keeping financial resources at home, creating jobs, borrowing money at no interest, and many more features of a sustainable economy.

E.F. Schumacher -- the site that includes history and details of the local currency movement in general.

Planetary Connections

The Hunger Site: Go there once a day and click where it says, and the sponsors will provide food for a hungry person for one day.  All sorts of information about hunger on our planet and what we can do about it.

NOVICA: They maintain an online catalog of beautiful works of art & craft from around the world, making themselves a very thin and short middleperson between buyer and artist.  Neskaya has two beautiful carved masks from Bali, Sita (a Hindu version of Persephone) and Garuda, the eagle god.

Go Moose: A local site, right here in Franconia, devoted to that ungainly and majestic beast.  Information, humor and e-cards you can send to your friends.

Blue Mountain Cards: They have wonderful e-cards for about every occasion you could imagine and some you didn't even know existed.

Prayers for Peace:  from many faiths.

Krishna Das:  an American who went to India following a spiritual path, and returned to make music that is quite wonderful, and has become a favorite among a number of us here at Neskaya.  


Center for Nonviolent Communication -- Trainings and certified trainers in techniques based on the book by Marshall Rosenberg.  EXCELLENT techniques for how to express your feelings and needs and how to listen to others' expression of theirs.  From the back cover:  "Nonviolent Communication is essentially radical; it subverts our whole status-quo system of power." -- D. Killian     "NVC is a process that can help us to honor and appreciate our differences and celebrate our common needs."  -- Carol Placer

Nonviolent Communication -- A Language of Compassion.  The book itself.  At this website you will find much of the text of the book. I consider NVC a spiritual practice.

The Center for a New American Dream  Helping Americans change the way they consume to improve quality of life, protect the environment, and promote social justice.

Training for Change Workshops, Philadelphia   Training for Change was founded on Martin Luther King's birthday in 1992, a carefully chosen birthday for a group that spreads the skills of democratic, nonviolent social change.

The Work of Byron Katie.  A self-help process that can end the war with yourself.

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