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4:30 - 6:30 pm
Teachers: Jenny Deupree & Kayla Dauphine

Suggested Donation:$1 - $15

Traditional dances from around the world along with newly choreographed dances taught to a variety of world music. Dances range from fast & furious to slow & meditative. All dances are taught, no partner needed. Dance for relaxation, joy, growth, awareness & healing. Also known as Sacred Circle Dance: "About Sacred/Circle Dance"
Suggested Donation:$1 - $15

Mondays 6 - 7 p.m.

Instructor: Ken Parker 603-838-5528
$10 a class, first class free

Tuesdays 6 - 7 pm
Fridays 5 - 6 pm 

Instructor: Cathy Smith, certified Nia instructor
First class is free. $10 a class or $64 for 8 classes

Nia is an exciting way to discover how to use your entire body to stay fit and healthy in truly enjoyable ways. It changes your body posture and teaches you how to move efficiently and safely. Nia works all your muscles thoroughly, and pumps your heart steadily. It gently opens your joints, and integrates your body-mind-wisdom. Nia uses three tools to stimulate, motivate, and create positive change: Music, Movement, and Magic. Music is used for inspiration and as an energy you learn to sink into, ride on, and flow with. Movement is used to integrate your body mind, emotions, and spirit. The Magic is you, how you do what you do, your own personal signature of expression. For more information about Nia, see their website



5:30 - 6:45 pm

Instructor: Caryn Clark 

$8 a class - $56 for 8 classes

Yoga with Caryn is a gentle hatha flow with an approach to practice that honors each individual's unique creativity and spirit. Weaving together asana, breathwork, music, heart centered readings, guided meditations, intuitive movement and a variety of other techniques, Caryn creates an atmosphere that is nurturing and accepting.  ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!

Caryn Clark is a certified yoga instructor, Nia White Belt, licensed massage therapist and member of AMTA. She brings to her practice a BS in Art Therapy, along with over 25 years of experience in YMCA Camping and Outreach development. For more information e-mail Caryn at or phone 603-387-1201.

Wednesdays  9 - 10 am &
Fridays  9 -10 am
Instructor: Monica Plante
$12 a class
Winter Morning Classes are Suspended - Will Resume in the Spring

Monica Plate is a yoga instructor from Behtlehem, NH.  In 2016 Monica completed a 90 hour Iyengar Yoga introductory level teacher training course. The course was completed at the Yoga Connection LLC in Grantham, NH under Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher (CIYT) Janice Vien. For over 10 years Monica has studied with David Goldblatt and (CIYT) Rose Goldblatt. Monica is excited to share her understanding of yoga to anyone with an interest in yoga.

Through the practice of yoga one can quiet the chattering mind, gain health, and achieve inner peace. While performing yoga postures students aim to align the skeletal and muscular structures of the body to promote healthy function of all bodily systems. The primary focus of these classes will include standing, seated, and restorative poses. ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!

Special Events


Facilitators' Gathering
April 21-23, 2017
This weekend gathering at Neskaya is designed to support both aspiring new circle dance teachers as well as experience teachers.
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Neskaya Dance Camp

July 22-26, 2017

This camp continues to be an extension of Neskaya's continued growth and cooperative healing with the world through dance, ceremony, community, and reciprocity.
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