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Past Workshops And Events
Circle Dance Workshops

October 2006 Stefan & Bethan Freedman
October 2005 Laura Shannon
April 2005  Ray Price
November 2004  Peter Vallance
August 2004 Pablo Scornik
April 2004   Pablo Scornik
October 2003   Mandy de Winter
September 2003   Jan Mulreany
April 2003  June Watts
November 2002  Peter Vallance
October 2002 Klezmer Workshop
April 2002   Bethan Freedman
March 2002   Laura Shannon
April 2001 Mandy de Winter
October 2000  Week-long Dance Camp "Inner Ground" with Jan Mulreany
April 2000  Judy King and Mandy de Winter
November 1999 Peter Vallance
April 1999  Mandy de Winter
December 1998 Judy King
October 1998  Laura Shannon
July 1998  Sue Kewley and James Wilde
September 1997  Jan Mulreany

Dancing the Sacred Calendar

May 2001
May 1999
May 1998

Other Workshops

May 2007 Alignment Journey - Women's Retreat
April 2007 Drumming From the Heart for Children
November 2006 The Art of Senuous Dance with Annetta Luce
April 2006 Embodiment Training: Head, Heart and Gut with Peter Payne
April 2002 Paneurhythmy Retreat
April 2001 Seder Celebration
March 2001 Shamanic Journeying
July 2000 Art
February 1999 Astrology
February 1999 Storytelling

Other Classes/Events