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Dancing the Tarot

September 15-16, 2018

Our lives can be viewed as an heroic journey. Beginning Saturday morning and continuing through Sunday morning we will dance each of the twenty-two major arcana cards of the tarot to experience the nature and significance of this archetypal journey in our lives.

Cost $100

For more information and to register:

Meditation & Satsang with Dick Stewart

Thursday, Sept 20, 2018
6 pm

Share Your Scare!

Saturday, October 20, 2018
7 – 9 pm
Audience members $5, Tellers are Free

Do you have a true story of a scary, strange or unexplained happening? Storytellers are invited to present a 3 -5 minute personal story. The stories much be true, told without notes and be suitable for an 18+ audience.

Facilitator's Gathering

April 27 -28, 2019

This weekend gathering at Neskaya is designed to support both aspiring new circle dance teachers as well as experienced teachers.

The energy exchange for this weekend is by donation to help sustain Neskaya’s mission and beautiful sacred space.

Neskaya Dance Camp

July 20-24, 2019

It is with gratitude and joy that we invite you to the 8th Annual Neskaya Dance Camp. This camp continues to be an extension of Neskaya’s continued growth and cooperative healing with the world. In the spirit of generosity, compassion, communication and sharing, you are invited to spend 5 days (Sat evening – Wed morning) in dance, ceremony, community, and reciprocity. Our time together will be an experience of dance in which we offer our abundance to each other, the community at large and to the land.

Don’t miss this unique experience of JOY, THANKS & CELEBRATION

Traditional Women's Ritual Dances with Laura Shannon

November 9-10, 2019

This workshop will explore traditional women’s dances which Laura has researched herself in the villages of the Balkans. Each dance is a prayer and a spiritual practice, passed down from the dancing grandmothers of the human family. Through careful attention to style, symbolism, and history, we can learn to understand the hidden wisdom encoded within the patterns, and bring their gifts and blessings into the world.

Laura is known worldwide for her pioneering approach to traditional women’s dances as tools for healing and transformation. Traditional Greek, Balkan and Armenian dances embody an ancient worldview of sustainability, community, and reverence for the earth. Blending folk dance, circle dance and dance/movement therapy, Laura’s teaching seeks to rekindle this awareness and to rediscover the hidden wisdom encoded in the dances. With 30 years of experience researching and teaching, Laura is considered to be one of the ‘grandmothers’ of the circle dance movement, and brings her inspiring workshops, performances and trainings to over twenty countries. For more information go to /http://laurashannon.net/

Community Singing Workshop with Stefan Freedman

April 23, 2020

Joining Hands 2 Conference

April 24- 26, 2020

Stefan Freedman Dance Workshop

April 27-28, 2020

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