Designed to be a Sacred space

Our beautiful building was created as a “sacred space” to promote inner happiness, healthy social connections, and world peace through the practice of celebrating our differences.

By offering Circle Dances and movement disciplines that are also spiritual practices, we want to heal the divisions between soul and body, between people of different cultural backgrounds, and between human beings and the material body of our planet.

At this time Neskaya has reopened some of its in person classes to a limited number of people based on space needs.  For information about classes email Kayla at [email protected] We are committed to supporting the health, well-being and safety of all with direction from CDC guidelines and state requirements. We want to welcome you and hope you will soon be able join us safely. We look forward to dancing, celebrating and moving together through these challenging times.

Special Events

A Dance of Compassion
“Exploring Grief & Solace through the Arts”
July 1, 2022
2 pm EDT

Our human collective is grieving. We are witnessing the horrors of war, mass displacement, mass shootings,  an environmental crisis and more.

Stefan Freedman, coordinator for an international cooperative project to use dance and the arts in the service of trauma release, is joining with Neskaya Movement Arts Center to present this special online sharing and circle dance event. Join us to help underpin a shift in our culture towards empathy and mutual-caring.

To register go to https://neskaya.com/product/a-dance-of-compassion/ 


July 22-24, 2022

This packed three-day camp program will feature Peter Vallance from Findhorn, Scotland, Stefan Freedman from England, Gwyn Peterdi and Kevin Meyer from the US, Marianna Paunova from Brazil, Regula Buchler from Switzerland, Christine Read from Australia, and more. There will also be sessions of yoga, meditative dance, and Paneurhythmy.

For more information and to register https://neskaya.com/product/2022-virtual-dance-camp/


Circle Dance at Neskaya @ Neskaya
Jul 3 @ 3:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Circle Dance at Neskaya @ Neskaya | Franconia | New Hampshire | United States

Circle Dances from Around the World
!st Sunday of the Month
3:30 – 5:30 pm

Stemming from ancient roots, Circle Dance combines modern and traditional choreography with world music to integrate body, mind and spirit in community.

All dances are taught. No experience needed. All are welcome!

Neskaya is a non-profit and welcomes donations.

Nia @ Neskaya
Jul 5 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Nia @ Neskaya | Franconia | New Hampshire | United States


Contact instructor Cathy Smith 603-444-7059 for COVID restrictions and possible alternative arrangements. 

THURS Yoga Class: 9:30 – 10:45 am @ Neskaya Movement Arts Center
Jul 7 @ 9:30 am – 10:45 am

NOTE: For current Covid-19 guidance please contact Instructor Caryn Clark before attending class at [email protected]

INSTRUCTOR CARYN CLARK– Caryn is a certified yoga instructor, Nia White Belt, licensed massage therapist and member of AMTA. She brings to her practice a BS in Art Therapy, along with over 25 years of experience in YMCA Camping and Outreach development. Cayn’s class will combine basic yoga postures and breathing to lengthen and release tight muscles and improve balance with traditional conditioning exercises to strengthen bones and tone the body. Each class will begin and end with a short mindful reflection to quiet the mind. For more information contact Caryn at [email protected] or call 603-387-1201.

Meditation @ Neskaya
Jul 7 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Meditation @ Neskaya | Franconia | New Hampshire | United States

Meditation at Neskaya is an all-inclusive multi-traditional meditation so all philosophies, traditions, and schools of thought (as well as beginners) are welcome. Please arrive early as meditations start right at 6 PM. There is no cost, yet donations to Neskaya are appreciated.  We have plenty of cushions, blankets, supported floor chairs, and regular chairs for your comfort.

The 30-minute meditations are followed by 30 minutes of sharing and discussion.  Please bring any readings, quotes, wisdom, or experiences you would like to share.   We extend an open invitation to anyone who would like to be a guest meditation facilitator/teacher, or share a particular favorite meditation.  If you have a meditation you would like to share, please let me know by Monday evening.  Prerecorded meditations can be played from our laptop’s Internet or from your laptop through our sound system.  If you have no prior meditation experience and would like suggestions on various ways to meditate, please let Christine know in advance, and she will be happy to meet with you at 5:45 PM.


Cradled on a knoll in the picturesque and dramatic White Mountains of New Hampshire, Neskaya Movement Arts Center is a magical space, built in harmony with sacred geometry, ready to welcome groups of up to 40 people who wish to hold their own retreats and programs.


Its open gathering space was created to serve the needs of many. Its round, sprung and carpeted floor offers a variety of uses for seating or movement. Seating may be on chairs, couches, back jacks, cushions, or the carpet itself. Tables are also available to set up as needed. Its acoustics are excellent. Its Western exposure with massive floor to ceiling windows offers spectacular viewing of the sky, the moon, clouds, stars, wildlife, and unforgettable New England sunsets.



+ beginners are welcome +


Traditional dances from around the world along with newly choreographed dances taught to a variety of world music. Dances range from fast & furious to slow & meditative. All dances are taught, no partner needed. Dance for relaxation, joy, growth, awareness & healing. Also known as the Sacred Circle Dance.


Nia is an exciting way to discover how to use your entire body to stay fit and healthy in truly enjoyable ways. It changes your body posture and teaches you how to move efficiently and safely. Nia works all your muscles thoroughly, and pumps your heart steadily. It gently opens your joints, and integrates your body-mind-wisdom. Nia uses three tools to stimulate, motivate, and create positive change: Music, Movement, and Magic.


Through the practice of yoga one can quiet the chattering mind, gain health, and achieve inner peace. While performing yoga postures students aim to align the skeletal and muscular structures of the body to promote healthy function of all bodily systems.


Meditation at Neskaya is an all-inclusive multi-traditional meditation so all philosophies, traditions, and schools of thought (as well as beginners) are welcome. Please arrive early as meditations start right at 6 PM. There is no cost, yet donations to Neskaya are appreciated.  We have plenty of cushions, blankets, supported floor chairs, and regular chairs for your comfort.


Discover the joy of belly dance in a welcoming, judgment-free environment! Whether you are looking to give belly dancing a try or just add a few extra shimmies into your current routine, this class is suitable for all skill levels and styles of belly dance. 



Facility Rental


This sacred space can be rented!

By the hour, day, or weekend for individual or small group/family use, keeping with
our mission of promoting inner happiness, healthy social connections & world peace.


Neskaya leaves an impression

“This is a place of high consciousness, a hostel of sorts, a sacred gathering space where food, stories and life lessons are shared freely and often. Sacred in this community is serious as well as silly, sensuous as well as sexy. In this dance circle, there are no mistakes only variations!!!!”


“The grounds and facility are just beautiful and inviting. The dorms were reminiscent of a bohemian slumber party (♡♡♡). What a beautiful place with energy that makes you vibrate!!!”


“Peaceful, relaxing, and amazing. I was so relaxed, had the best time there, I can’t believe a place like that exists, we need a Neskaya around where I live. Anyone who visits it will feel blessed. I know I did.”


“Neskaya is a place where magic happens! Find out for yourself…”