The team at Neskaya, is pleased to announce the line-up of community presentations for its Joining Hands: Wholeness in Dance Conference April 24 – 26, 2020. These three presentations, scheduled for the afternoon and evening of Saturday, April 25, will focus on ways in which Sacred Circle Dance can be used in therapy and healing.

Bobbi Bailin from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, April J. H. Lilley from Ottawa, and Tai and Michael
Summers-McGuinness from Acton, Massachusetts, will all share their experiences of using
Sacred Circle Dance in these ways. Each of these powerful presentations will include a large
proportion of dance.

As part of Bobbi’s 2018 dance workshop on Jeju Island in South Korea, she was asked to lead a
commemoration of a dark episode in their history: the 70th anniversary of a tragic massacre.
She’ll share with the conference a re-creation of this healing ritual. “I received some photos and
description of what was needed,” Bobbi explains. “The stage was set for me: I responded by
looking for (and choreographing) a few simple dances that I felt would speak to their grief and
offer some solace. What occurred was an amazing healing event which touched the hearts of
all who attended. I consider this a testimony to how our Circle Dance speaks to and holds with
care those parts of our psyche that need communal support.”

On a more personal note, April will share the way she’s used Sacred Circle Dance as therapy to
help herself and others. In her presentation, she’ll introduce a step-by-step formula and its slow
process of deep integration that she has developed to assist in moving away from depression
and anxiety. “We’ll look at the benefits of the three dances, “ she says, “and learn to dance them
deeply, differently and fully. I hope this shift in perspective will transform you as an instructor, a
dancer and ultimately as a person.”

Tai and Michael, both professional therapists, will illustrate how they connect Sacred Circle
Dance with educating, strengthening and supporting their community. In a presentation called
“There is Hope”, they’ll share dances from programs they’ve developed to address issues
including domestic violence awareness, the relationship of humans with the “animal nation”, and
a celebration of the inspirational work of troubadour Pete Seeger. Tai and Michael accompany
most of their dances with live music and singing.

In addition to these presentations, the conference will welcome guest speakers Stefan
Freedman on Saturday April 25 and Ellen Kennedy on Sunday April 26.
The conference is part of a whole week of activities at Neskaya April 23 – 29, 2020, including a
harmony singing workshop and a two-day Sacred Circle Dance workshop both presented by
Stefan Freedman – and much more!

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