Neskaya Virtual Dance Camp  
August 13-15, 2021 


Caryn Clark [email protected]

Freidel Klok-Eibl
Start - Sacred Dance - Ausbildungsinstitut Meditation des Tanzes EN 
[email protected]

Community Dance 
Sylvie-Guylaine Fortin 
[email protected] 
(20+) Sylvie-Guylaine Fortin | Facebook 
Dances Taught: 
Magic of the Earth 
Blessed are the Peacemakers, Notes: Blessed are the Peacemakers (1) 

Hope Jinishian 
[email protected] 
Prayer of Motivation 
I am here to manifest the wisdom that resides within 
I am here to radiate my loving compassion into the world. 
I am here to gather the skills and the power to bless and empower all (3x) 
By Prema Dasara 

Regula Buchler 
[email protected] 

Pat Adams 
[email protected] 
Dances Taught: 
The Child Awakes, Notes: The Child Awakes Dance Notes 
Suo Gan, Notes: Suo Gan dance notes 

Dancing the Tarot 
Kayla Dauphine 
[email protected] 
Tarot Deck Used: Light Seer's Tarot 
Dances Taught: 
FOOL - Wise Man & the Fool (Tsadik Katamar, Notes: TSADIK KATAMAR 
EMPRESS - Cantus Iteratus, Notes: CANTUS ITERATUS1 
CHARIOT - On the Road Again by Willie Nelson 
HERMIT - Pradesh, Notes: PRADESH [PETER] 
HANGED MAN - Verstilling, Notes: VERSTILLING 
TOWER - Hex, Notes: HEX [JUNE] HEX [JUNE] 
STAR - Connected to the Stars, Notes: CONNECTED TO THE STARS 
WORLD - Halleluia for the Whole World, Notes: HALLELUJAH WHOLE WORLD 

Gillian Mannell

Meditative Circle Dance Session 
Shoshona Magill 
[email protected] 

Stefan Freedman 
Worldance - Worldance home page (
STEFAN links to 6 dance videos
As Above, So Below
Bedouin Flame 
La Tendresse           
Jewelled Serpent
A Little Love 

Belly Dance
Christina Hammerberg
[email protected]

Community Circle Dance

Amy Antonucci
amy[email protected]
Dances Taught:
Thinking Like a Mountain, Notes: Thinking-Like-a-Mountain
Step by Step, Notes: Step-by-Step

Kayla Dauphine
mo[email protected]
Dances Taught:
Summer Festival, Notes: SUMMER FESTIVAL
These are the Days (Surrender) Notes: SURRENDER

Evi Beck
[email protected]
Dances Taught:
Breaths Notes: BREATHS dance steps and lyrics
In Silence Notes: In Silence, My Soul
Abstract: The Transformative Power of Sacred Circle Dance The Transformative Power of Sacred Circle Dance

Julia Lynam
[email protected]
Dances Taught:
Hora Galana - Sephardic music and song from Rhodes, Greece.
Laura Shannon, Kostantis Kourmandis and Nikolas Angelopolous, 
on the CD Limani, available from
Choreography traditional
Dance notes also available from Laura. 
Ola ta Melachrina - From Thasos, Greece
Dance notes and music available from Laura Shannon

Gurunam Khalsa
gurunam1[email protected]
Dances Taught:
Love is Real
Touch the Earth


Nevenka Dimitrova
[email protected]
Paneurhythmy NH Neskaya Aug 15 2021 (1)

Spirale Dance Band from Quebec 
Playing music for circle dances led by Anne Catherine McConnell
[email protected]

Pablo Scornik
Pablo's Dances - Neskaya Camp - Aug 2021

Circle Dance & Story
Julia Lynam
[email protected]
(20+) Julia Lynam | Facebook
Dances Taught:
Standing Stones
Seal Woman
An Diran
Selkies Program Info, Julia Lynam

Camp Closing
Sylvie-Guylaine Fortin
[email protected]
(20+) Sylvie-Guylaine Fortin | Facebook