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October 6, 2019 @ 12:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Neskaya Movement Arts Center
1643 Profile Rd
Franconia, NH 03580
Energy Tools to Ease Aging Issues @ Neskaya Movement Arts Center | Franconia | New Hampshire | United States

Energy Tools to Ease Aging Issues: An Experiential Class for Men and Women
October 6, 2019
12:30 – 3:00 pm


Because aging is often treated as a disease state in our youth-centred Western culture, it is helpful to learn and practice techniques that ease the natural strains of the aging process and at the same time celebrate the remarkable gifts this process bestows on those of us lucky enough to experience it. After all, the aging process is longevity’s gift; when we think of it this way, our attitudes to the process’s challenges are experienced within a much larger context, one that includes individual and cultural wisdom, generous perspectives, shared stories, humour, and the joy of ending the isolation we often feel as we age.

The techniques taught during this experiential class involve the body’s meridians, the invisible pathways treated during acupuncture and acupressure sessions.  These pathways, sometimes called the body’s energy transportation system, are positively influenced through our attention to them in a variety of ways.  Because these techniques do not involve stress to joints, respiration, or muscles, they are easily learned and practiced by people of every age and physical condition.

The intention informing this class is the reinforcement of our agency as aging adults.  Agency, the ability to set goals and accomplish them, often dwindles with age, largely because of the commercialization of illness and drugs. This is not to minimize the very real challenges of aging – physical, emotional, economic, and spiritual. These issues are real.  But they need not isolate us through depression and helplessness. The energy techniques offered in this class help to balance whatever challenges we experience as we age.  And they do not obscure the fact that we all surrender our bodies as we return to Source, whatever our belief about Source might be – Earth Mother-Father, Goddess-God, Spirit, or the next life through Reincarnation.

The words for Energy are myriad, Prana, Chi, Ki, Life Force, Breath, and Spirit to name a few. In this class, participants will make friends with their Energy and its many manifestations. Learning to cultivate these manifestations, calm them, and listen for their wisdom is an enriching and empowering experience that will last for as long as the techniques are practiced.

About the Energy Class Teachers:

Jane Buchan is a writer, energy coach, teacher, and circle dance facilitator and choreographer.  She has been dancing since 1993, practicing energy techniques taught by Donna Eden since 2002, and teaching both energy medicine and energy psychology since 2007.  Before training in these energy techniques, she taught diverse populations from the primary to the college levels, including differently abled, gifted, and adult students returning to school after learning ruptures.  She holds an MA in English Literature, is a published author, and is an Accredited EFT International Trainer.

Lynn Hartwood is an artist, a builder, and circle dance facilitator and choreographer. He has been dancing since, 1991 and practicing energy techniques with Jane since she first began using them to promote well-being and happiness in their shared home.  Before moving to Vermont, he lived as an artist in Manhattan, painting enormous abstract images on canvas, board, and fabric. His art transformed when he moved to Vermont, shifting to the three-dimension forms of Sacred Space such as stone circles, labyrinths, and unique round structures.  He holds an MFA in Visual Arts, continues to build sacred spaces, and acts as a consultant to a variety of building projects.

Jane and Lynn began working together as dance facilitators in 1999 when they began their journey into loving partnership together.  They married in 2002 and continue to live in a tiny “hippie” cabin in Vermont’s Northeast King/Queendom.  Both are rooted in forest energies, stillness, and the joy that comes with creative expression.

They hope you will come to their energy-techniques class with open hearts and the joy of learning something new and nurturing.  Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear easily removed.  Hydration is always central in their work, so bring your water bottles.  And, if your time permits, stay for the Neskaya dance circle, from 3;30 to 5:30, and the pot luck afterward.


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