Lyn Porter from Adelaide, Australia
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Lyn was introduced to Circle Dancing in 2002. It was love at first experience and tapped into her youthful ballet dancing days.  Lyn has been Circle Dancing ever since, loving it and the way it affects the well-being of the whole group.

In 2011, Lyn took the next plunge on her Circle Dancing journey when her Circle Dance teacher and friend died suddenly leaving a void in teaching expertise behind her.  Lyn stepped forward and enlisted the help of Krista and Peter Sands from Tasmania to help rebuild Circle Dancing knowledge and experience in Adelaide.

Lyn is passionate about teaching Circle Dancing and likes to focus on the well-being of her groups as she designs each dance program.  The three dances she chose to teach in her session pay tribute to two Australian choreographers now in their eighties:  Krista Sands from Hobart Tasmania and Brian Smith from Perth, Western Australia.

Dances Taught:
Happy Wanderer
Heart of My Heart
That’s The Way I like It

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Christine Read from Perth, Australia
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Christine found circle dance about 18 years ago and has been teaching for the last 15 years, mostly in Perth, Western Australia, and occasionally in South Australia and Tasmania whenever she has been able to travel there.

She came to circle dance with 15 years experience in Ballroom and Latin American dance.  From 2017-2019 she travelled to UK and Europe for 6+ months each year, mainly to attend circle dance workshops and retreats with as many of the best teachers as possible. She was also able to lead a couple of one-day workshops herself, to introduce “Dances From Downunder.”  One of the teachers she danced with each year in UK was Brenda Kelly.  She worked alongside Brenda, sharing the teaching on her dance days and residential dance retreats.  When Brenda died in 2019 Christine was bequeathed all her dance resources, and has been able to keep many of her amazing choreographies alive.

Christine’s teaching style is clear and gentle. She teaches a variety of dances – lively, fun, slow, meditative, moving, modern and traditional, but leans towards the non-traditional.  She teaches some of her own choreographies, as well as others from Australian choreographers, and many that she has collected during her travels.

Dances Taught:

Greeting the Day  and
Cuban Dance
Annie’s Song
Looking Back to Country

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