Thanks to all our presenters for their generous contributions to Neskaya’s Web of Dance February 14, 2021! 

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Hazel lives in a small village in the Cotswolds in the UK. She first discovered Sacred Circle Dance in the late 1980s and has been teaching the dance since 1992. Locally she has led groups every week for 25 years, and also leads longer special events wherever she’s invited. She has created many new popular dances which have been taken all over the world (including Song of Summer, Pebbles of Silver and many more). For the past 20 years or so she has visited Greece to learn dances with Greek teachers, and for many years has attempted to replicate the joy of Greek dance parties in the UK. She also teaches many other Balkan, Israeli and Russian dances, plus of course her own and other favourite choreographies. For the last year since all her dances came to a stop, she’s enjoyed offering Youtube dance films created in her kitchen for anyone who’s interested.

Information about the dances taught:

Steps: FAITH page 1, FAITH page 2

The Kiss
Steps: THE KISS3

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Bobbi lives on the Cape in MA, USA. She has spent the past 40 years exploring the transformational power of conscious movement. Trained in Alexander Body Awareness and the Gurdjieff Sacred Dances, Bobbi finds Sacred Circle Dance to be a natural, accessible means for touching the everyday sacredness of our humanity and for creating harmonious connections and community. Her original choreographies have become a beloved part of the repertoires of many circles where she has taught in the US, Brazil, Canada, South America and South Korea.

Information about about the dances taught:

Just Let it Flow 

Song “the River” by Geoffrey Oryema cd:The African Odysseus


Song Madrasti Hiloua (My Sweet School)
Moroccan Children’s Song on cd: World Music Party

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Nanni  is presently in the Netherlands. She is Director of the Academy for Movement & Consciousness and the Art for Peace Foundation and a member of the International Dance Council. She studied classical ballet and modern dance at Amsterdam and Rotterdam School of Arts in the Netherlands. She holds BA degrees as both a performing dancer and as a teacher. Since 1984 Nanni teaches worldwide her own choreographies according to the Harmony Method® in workshops, seminars and masterclasses.

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Barbara  is from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She has been a facilitator and choreographer of Sacred Circle Dance in Canada and the USA for over 20 years and during that time has been midwife to the birth of many Sacred Circle Dance groups in her home province, Ontario. She has developed a unique model of community co-leadership, where all dancers are welcome to share in teaching and leading the dance. She  regularly joins with other facilitators to host multi-day events of magical play where participants find relaxation, renewal and new connections within themselves, with others and with the earth we share. Those who have danced with Barbara know the sense of calm, joy and reverence that Barbara brings to the dance – and to the world around her.

Information about the dances taught:

Title of dance: Japanese Bowl
Choreographer: Sarah Hoffman, Toronto, Canada
Title of Music: Japanese Bowl
Album: Heaven Below
Musician: Peter Mayer

Title of dance: Points of Light
Choreographer: Barbara Herring, Peterborough, Canada
Title of Music: Civilizations Lost
Album: Flute Dreams
Musician: Alice Gomez

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