Shalom Aleichem – For thousands of years, Jews have been greeting each other with the blessing, “peace unto you,” or in the Hebrew, “shalom aleichem.”

Ain Sof – There is no end.

Nigun Atik – also known as Zemer Atik means “old melody”.  This dance was one of the first instances (1955) of an Israeli choreographer incorporating Yiddish moves into an Israeli dance.

Hava Nagila – “Let us rejoice” is an Israeli folk song traditionally sung at Jewish celebrations. It originated as a Hassidic nigun or wordless prayer or melody. The nigun was used by the Hassidic movement in Eastern Europe.

Oseh Shalom – a prayer for peace  and wholeness

Klezmer Hora – the following link shows the two hora step patterns we did to this music. (I didn’t watch the entire video and missed seeing it was the same video I had been searching for and didn’t realize it. Lesson learned: Always watch the entire video)

Erev Shel Shoshanim – a poetic Hebrew love song, “Evening of Roses,” often used as wedding music in Jewish weddings. It is well known not only within Israeli and Jewish music circles, but also throughout the Middle East.