Anne Catherine McConnell

Anne Catherine experienced Circle Dance more than 15 years ago and was told that she looked as if every cell in her body was dancing. She feels a special connection with people throught Circe Dancing outdoors. Along with her partner AndreFreve, who plays music for Circle Dance events in Quebec, Canada with a musical group called Spirale, she has a circle dance group that many of her neighbors have joined. She has a special interest in dances for children and teaches a course at Sherbrooke University on teaching circle dance to children. She firmly believes that for the circle dance movement to continue, children must be involved. They really seem to understand and feel the connection.

Link for the Spirale website with dance music and steps:

Anne Crowe

From her very first experience with Circle Dance, Anne discovered she had found something very special. She now runs a regular Circle Dance group in Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada as well as facilitating groups in the Yukon and the United States. She has choreographed many beloved dances including Bogota by Bus, Surrender’s Edge and Forest Veil. Her choreographies are often connected to nature, the heart, and life experience.

Links for dance videos and steps:

Forest Veil

Steps: Chidananda

Steps: Ahava

Natalia Eilert Barella

Natalia has focused Sacred Circle Dance and women’s groups since 2009 and has held workshops in Brazil and Europe. She has participated in training courses in Mexico (2009), in Greece (2010), at Findhorn, as well as courses in different regions of Brazil. In 2019 she created a Circle Dance workshopo with her own choreographies, joining the dances to tales from the book “Women who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, starting with the tale of the The Selkie. She lives in Brazil where she is currently working on a Master’s Degree in Arts and Culture and researching the role of Sacred Circle Dance in modern society.


1- Mulher do Fim do Mundo – Elza Soares (Brasil)

2- Derecho de Nacimiento – Natalia Lafourcade (México)

3- Segredos do Mar – Flávia Wenceslau (Brasil)

Words to Music in English:


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