Judy King
“The Dancing Circle”,
3 Brandywell Road,
TF12 5ST, England
Tel: 01952 883242.
E mail: [email protected]
Web site: www.judyking.co.uk

Judy is an international Circle Dance teacher and choreographer and has been working full time with the dance for over thirty years. She’s known for her ability to take those who dance with her ‘beyond the steps’; to discover a deeper understanding of the movement within the dance – of finding a new relationship with their body. She believes that her real teaching can begin once everyone has learned the steps. Her teaching style is to work with awareness and precision yet with a lightness of touch that comes through her sense of and use of humor.

She is also a musician and alongside Mandy de Winter has made three CDs of Circle Dance music, and has worked hard to produce a high quality of material for the dance: be it music, DVDs or reading material.

Dances Taught:
Harvest Queen
Steps: Harvest Queen & Irish Lyrical

Moon & Sun
Steps: Moon and Sun copy

When I Open the Door in the Dark
Steps: When I Open the door

Additional Information:
Power Point Presentation June 13th - Light - America 3
Music References Music References
Key to Dance Notations Key to notation copy

June Watts

I came across Sacred Dance, as it was then called, in 1982 and in ’83 began teaching. The following year, thanks to a government grant, I established it as a business and it has been my sole income ever since. Gradually my sphere widened from my then base area in SW England to many countries in Europe- France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Iceland, then to Canada and the US, Brazil and Australia.

My introduction was through Findhorn and despite having 3 small children I was, over the following year, ’83, given the means to dance all the available Dance courses in Findhorn and then take the training there with Anna Barton. This was followed by a training with Friedel Kloke-Eibl in Holland. The highlight of the Findhorn visits was the opportunity to dance for a glorious week with the Master – Bernhard Wosien on his last trip there. I felt directly empowered by him, experiencing in a mystical sense that I was being given the thread of Sacred Dance by him.

Part of this empowerment was the impulse to create new dances, as he had. He brought the 2 streams with him to Scotland – the traditional dances from Europe and his own dances to folk and classical music. I believe that White Bird was the first new dance of the Sacred Circle Dance network, after Bernhard’s although Winds on the Tor also appeared somewhere around that time, created by the Glastonbury S.C. Dance circle.

I have 8 CDs and DVDs of dances that have been downloaded through me! Details of these are on my website. I can also claim authorship of 2 books – ‘Circle Dancing, Celebrating the Sacred in Dance’ publ’d Green Magic and available from local bookshops and from amazon, and The Sacred Earth Energy Dance Book – The S.E.E.D. Book available from lulu.com. The first came out of my experience of the Dance from the first 20 years teaching and learning, the second came from 8 years (1974 – 82) organizing a network across the world of dancers and circles to dance the same dance at the same time at each of the 8 Celtic/Anglo-Saxon festivals of the year’s cycle focusing on a specific place on the earth. This continued for 8 years when with cosmic rightness another cycle of 8 was completed. It is still a valuable resource for many dancers – me included as so much of it ‘dropped in’ at the time, seemingly by-passing my conscious mind and which I am now appreciating more and more as time passes.

My web site – www.junewatts.com contains details of the the 8 CDs/DVDs and of the 2 books.
Dances – http://junewatts.com/birthingdance.php

Books – http://junewatts.com/dancingwords.php

Dances  Taught
When the Sun comes up Again

Teaching Litha


Teaching Sri Krishna

Sri Krishna

Kayla Dauphine
Website: Neskaya.com
Email: [email protected]
Director Neskaya Movement Arts Center

Dances Taught:
This Little Light of Mine
Artist: The Steels
Music: Corrian, Corrina Soundtrack

La Llama de tu Corazon
cor. Gracia Corkidi
track name: La Llama de tu Corazón
band: Congal Tijuana from Mexico
album: Municipal Roots
Lyrics in Spanish and English Lyrics to La Llama de tu Corazon

Choreographer: Anne Crowe
Music Source: Putumayo Present Acoustic Yoga (track 2)
Steps Anandamayi Steps_0001