Brant Bambery – Scotland
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Brant was raised in Edinburg, Scotland, then moved to the Findhorn Community in Scotland 2015. He has been into the Arts from an early age and has taken part in many Edinburgh festival productions and a traveling musical. He completed Sacred Dance teacher training with Peter Vallance and Judith Bone in 2018 and has been training with other great teachers in the Findhorn Sacred Dance group.

He is host of the Centrepiece, an online monthly Global Sacred Dance event which started as a result of the world Covid pandemic and his passion for Sacred/Circle/Traditional dance.

Brant believes both traditional and choreographed circle dances hold a very special place in both community and healing and should be available to everyone.

Dances Taught:
Wee Callum Beag
St Bernard’s Waltz
Magic of the Mother Mary

Wee Callum Beag – Notation
St. Bernard’s Waltz -Online Variation
Magic of Mother Mary


Regula Buchler – Switzerland
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Regula has always danced passionately. She was introduced to ballroom dancing, jazz dance, and the world of west and central African dance. Fascinated by body movement, she perfected her training with a diploma in dance and movement pedagogy.

In 1988 Regula discovered Sacred Circle Dance and soon began teaching. She loves popular European dances, choreographed dances, Bach Flower dances and seated dances. In 2021 Regula began the three-year training at the “Institute Meditation des Tanzes – Sacred Dance” run by Friedel Kloke-Eibl.

Regula forms and leads groups in different contests and loves to travel around the world. In her class, she brings a gentle approach to consciousness, and she is delighted to share her enthusiasm and joy of dancing together.

Dances Taught:
Atme Licht?Breath Light
Herzensfreude/Joy of the Heart
Amor Dei/God’s Love

Dance Notes:
Regula Dance Notes


Carolina Botti – Italy
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Carolina has been teaching circle dance for 33 years through courses and seminars throughout Italy and abroad. She is a trainer and choreographer, working for 20 years in schools with children aged 3 to 10 creating the “DSC Girodanzointondo” method. She led an artistic Sacred Dance group for seven years and is currently president of the Italian Association of Sacred Dance. She created the “Dances of Light” on the musical pieces of Hildegard von Bingen that she diffuses with the group Circulus Stellarum. She loves to create new dances inspired by nature, meditation, the sacredness of the feminine, the cultures of the Native North Americans (for which She has activated a support project). Her basic training comes from the Findhorn Community in Scotland in 1990 which she has enriched over the years with other teachers and with the study of some Italian traditional dances.

Dances Taught:
“Incanto” by Carolina Botti
“Loibere risen” by Giulia Caruso
“Peace” by Carolina Botti

Music Sources:
Loibere risen

Loibere risen

Dance Notes:
Loibere risen – lyrics