all philosophies, traditions, and schools of thought welcome


6:00 – 7:00 pm

Facilitator: Christine Polito

Suggested Donation: $1 – $15

Meditation at Neskaya is an all-inclusive multi-traditional meditation so all philosophies, traditions, and schools of thought (as well as beginners) are welcome. Please arrive early as meditations start right at 6 PM. There is no cost, yet donations to Neskaya are appreciated.  We have plenty of cushions, blankets, supported floor chairs, and regular chairs for your comfort.

The 30-minute meditations are followed by 30 minutes of sharing and discussion.  Please bring any readings, quotes, wisdom, or experiences you would like to share.   We extend an open invitation to anyone who would like to be a guest meditation facilitator/teacher, or share a particular favorite meditation.  If you have a meditation you would like to share, please let me know by Monday evening.  Prerecorded meditations can be played from our laptop’s Internet or from your laptop through our sound system.  If you have no prior meditation experience and would like suggestions on various ways to meditate, please let Christine know in advance, and she will be happy to meet with you at 5:45 PM.

For more information contact Christine at [email protected]

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