Inspiring Activism

Sacred Circle Dances for Social & Environmental Justice
A special dance to benefit Neskaya

Zoom session led by Amy Antonucci and Evelyn (Evi) Torton Beck

Dance is a strong connector.  It connects us to our deeper selves and to our human and ecological community across time and space, in joy, love, and grief.  Dance can also activate us to make changes for each other and in the world to which we belong.

Join Amy & Evi on Zoom Sunday, February 27, the last Sunday of Black History Month and on the cusp of Women’s History Month, at 1:30 pm EST, for dances that celebrate and inspire action, including dances that work well at rallies or other major events!

Note: Once payment is received a zoom link will be sent.  All profits go to benefit Neskaya. If $20 cost is a barrier to your attending this dance please contact Evi or Amy. See Contact tab below.



Amy Antonucci

Amy has been involved in the arts, activism and agriculture in Seacoast New Hampshire for 30 years since coming to UNH for a degree in Women’s Studies.  Women’s Studies brought her to activism, first on gender issues, then expanding to the environment, peace and global justice.  She has been teaching Sacred Circle Dance in the Seacoast New Hampshire/Maine area since 2000, leading a monthly dance in Portsmouth since July 2002, currently happening on Zoom.  Over the years, she has choreographed dances, often to the inspiring social justice music in her life.  She also teaches homesteading, frame drumming and storytelling skills from Living Land Permaculture Homestead in NH.

Evi Beck

Evi is a retired professor, psychologist, and long time activist who took great professional risks to help establish Women’s Studies as an academic discipline. In the spirit of active transformation, she brought Sacred Circle dance into her seminars and to professional events where it was least expected.  Since 2005 she has facilitated circles in the Washington, DC area and has also taught in circles across the United States, Europe, and Mexico; she has twice presented on the Centrepiece.  Evi has also published research showing the positive effects of our dance practice. Since Covid entered our lives, she has been offering twice weekly zoom dance sessions for which she has choreographed dances inspiring hope and activism.

Amy and Evi are donating their time and energy as a benefit dance for Neskaya.  Here is what they have to say.

“Many of you know that Neskaya has taken a financial hit during the pandemic and we want to make sure it survives another Covid winter.  Our dance community needs Neskaya as much as Neskaya needs us.  It has been a home to Sacred Circle Dance and has helped our community to thrive.  The values of Neskaya are the same as those embedded in Sacred Circle Dance. Our dance revitalizes us and makes it possible for us to do our work in the world.  We are dancing to inspire activism.  Be inspired to give your support to Neskaya as well.”

For more information or questions email:

Kayla: [email protected]
Evi: [email protected]
Amy: [email protected]