Soulsong Sound & Movement

Expressing and Empowering Your Authentic Voice
A special program being offered to help benefit Neskaya

With Joanna Novosedlik
Vocal Coach, Sacred Circle Dance Facilitator,  
Educator and Embodied Spiritualist

A Weekly 8-module Online Video Training 

Wednesdays,  February 23—April 13, 2022, 1—3 pm

Listen deeply and express your authentic inner voice, developing a loving relationship with your core Self, your wild soul, who you came here to be as a being of harmony in a dissonant world.

Process anxiety and difficult emotions through sounding and moving your true Self voice, creating an inner anchor of faith in precarious times.

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About Joanna


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Our voice is a primary part of our identity, giving sound to the soul who inhabits our body.  Attuning to our inner authentic voice and giving space to its expression provides a most potent  process for self-transformational healing and wholling.  

Our chakra system activates energy in relationship to our level of wellness in key areas of the  body/mind/spirit continuum. When we use sound and movement to embody energy and co create with it at each chakra centre, we rebalance and restore the natural harmonic resonance  within the whole being. This has a powerful effect on our mental, emotional, physical and  spiritual wellness, as sound helps our whole being to remember its birthright of healthy well being.  

What does your authentic voice have to say to you? Giving expression through sound  practices, simple mantra, gentle embodied movement processes, and creative arts offers  movement and activation in previously stagnant areas of our being. Freeing up these energies  through sounding our authentic voice can open new possibilities for growth, heal old wounds,  and address anxiety, depression and other health issues. 

Embodied sound and movement processes have been used from ancient times as natural  medicine for healing on all levels of the human being. This ancient wisdom is informed by our  own engagement with the processes, assisting us in encountering and befriending aspects of  our shadow selves such as the inner critic, providing personal integration of all parts of self.  We are able to create change and activate wholeness in the community around us from having  first engaged in the inner balancing work within ourselves.  

Soulsong Sounding offers us sustenance and soul-nourishment for the journey ahead.  Transforming ourselves and our world through embodied sound and movement is a gift we give  both ourselves and all beings.  

Soulsong Final Description

Joanna Novosedlik is a classical vocal musician, devotional music singer and teacher who shares her  passion for soul connection through music and the arts with children and adults of all ages. 

Her scope of life’s work includes elementary school teaching, private music lesson teaching  in voice and piano, solo and choral music performance with the Windsor Symphony Chorus  and County Classic Chorale, and cantor/soloist for various churches in both Roman Catholic  and United Churches.  She has worked as a cantor/soloist at ordinations for womben  priests in the ARCWP movement for the past several years in both Canada and the U.S.   

She presently offers private coaching sessions, workshops, ritual, sacred circle dance and  seasonal gatherings using expressive arts and vocal sound healing modalities for the  purpose of helping others find their own authentic inner soul voice and sounding it for  personal self-transformation and healing. 

Immersed in the essence of the cycle of the seasons and eco-spirituality, she combines  sound, song, mantra from many cultures, movement, body prayer, Qi Gong, Yoga, dance,  Soul Collage, Eco Art and expressive arts in a holistic approach to assisting others in  empowering the inner voice of the authentic Self.  She is dedicated to the Goddess/Divine  Feminine and Gaia as gateway for the transformation and healing/wholling of all beings. 

In this 8-week Soulsong Journey we will explore various embodiment processes
of sounding, singing, breathwork, movement, gesture, Sacred Circle Dance and
artistic expression to

-free your voice, fall in love with it, and sound with ease
-cultivate deep listening inwardly to express your inner truth and wisdom
-build bridges to the subconscious, allowing the inner voice to be heard
-express and befriend parts of self which pose challenges through difficult emotions such as
anxiety, grief and anger
-balance the chakras to address pain and release what does not serve us
-build relationship and co-create with Mother Earth, Her beings and Her elements
-connect with our spirit guides and ancestors for wisdom, healing and grounding
-activate creative processes that feed the soul and heal the body/mind/spirit

MODULE 1: Foundations – Name Singing
-explore how to access your authentic inner wisdom through your own natural voice
-expand your ability to trust your own capacity to heal through the use of your voice
-stand in your truth and voice it through spoken sound, singing sound, toning, creative artistic
process, authentic movement and spirit-infused movement practices

MODULE 2: Sky/Earth Connections
-balance masculine/feminine energies within your own being and contribute to the
harmonization of these energies in and on Gaia, our Earth Mother
-connect with nature beings and co-create art and sound experiences to strengthen, expand,
grow and nurture selfhood
-build a stronger connection to your spirit guides and ancestors, the angelic realm and
benevolent beings who work on your behalf from beyond the veil

MODULE 3: Inner Critic Conversations
-engage in a sung/spoken dialogue with your Inner Critic to begin hearing and integrating both
the gifts and challenges it has to offer
-nurture self-acceptance and self-care through identifying and sounding various parts of self
-free up our ability to counter the IC with courage and humour

MODULE 4: Singing to Release Pain
– cultivate connection with difficult emotions such as grief, anger and anxiety, using sound to
befriend these teachers and allow them to speak/sing to you of their purpose
-learn about the chakras and how they interact with surrounding organs by sounding the seed
syllables that resonate with each chakra centre to address pain and dis-ease directly at the
root cause
-find your own essence sound as your most potent personal self-transformational healing tool

MODULE 5: Anxiety Conversations
-learn basic sound and breathing techniques to support voicework, to balance the body/mind/
spirit, and address anxiety and depression
-explore the marriage between movement and sounding as a gateway to releasing stress and
-cultivating a strong connection to the inner felt reality of the intuitive feeling/sensing aspects of

MODULE 6: Anger Conversations
-explore and express depression and identifying it’s underlying voice of anger through sound,
movement and soul collage
-create space for difficult emotions to have their own song to sing
-discover the gift of release that acknowledgement of our anger can bring

MODULE 7: Grief Conversations
-voicing the grief and sadness of our losses and giving them space to breathe
-grounding in the root of our being through sound and movement to provide a framework in
which grief feels safe to express
-using the vibrational power of sound and mantra to tend to our sadness

MODULE 8: Singing the Elements
-connect to the gifts of the elements of Earth Air Fire Water and Ether to access their healing
abilities and harmonize their gifts to us through sounding their essence energies
-co-creating art with nature while sounding the inner experience of various elements and
elemental beings
-building a living relationship with elements and nature entities to aid in strengthening our
mutual evolutionary impulse

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