+ A Magical Space +
“When I go within in silence and consciously slow down my pace, I become open to learning important lessons about my life and my connection to spirit. On my visit to Neskaya this winter, I was met with deep compassionate support which welcomed my need for this type of silence, this type of relationship with the divine within. I was given the space I needed to meet these needs. The company of both Jenny and Kayla together with dancing and yoga made my time here balanced and fun. In my opinion, this embracing experience is definitely one that many more of us in life would benefit from. Thank you so much Kayla and Jenny for embracing me as you have in the way you did this week.”
Rosie Fanale, CT

Winter 2007


Cradled on a knoll in the picturesque and dramatic White Mountains of New Hampshire, Neskaya Movement Arts Center is a magical space, built in harmony with sacred geometry, ready to welcome groups of up to 40 people who wish to hold their own retreats and programs.

Its open gathering space was created to serve the needs of many. Its large round carpeted floor offers a variety of uses for seating or movement. Seating may be on chairs, couches, back jacks, cushions, or the carpet itself. Tables are also available to set up as needed. Its acoustics are excellent. Its Western exposure with massive floor to ceiling windows offers spectacular viewing of sky, moon, clouds, stars, wildlife, and unforgettable New England sunsets.


Neskaya’s physical structure is complemented by its proximity to much of New Hampshire’s natural, historical and cultural interests and beauty. Within minutes are abundant walking, hiking, cross-country skiing, strolling and biking trails. The downhill ski slopes of Cannon Mountain are just three miles away. Within Franconia Notch, the geologic and glacial attractions of the Basin, Echo and Profile lakes, and the Flume are memorable visits. Waterfalls, wildlife, streams, craggy rock and rugged mountain views prevail. There is much to see outside of Neskaya’s doorstep! The charming New England towns of Franconia and Sugar Hill are just down the road. Bethlehem and Littleton (reported to be one of USA’s 10 best towns to live in) are both close by.


Neskaya is available for hourly, daily, and multi-day/night use. It offers dormitory style sleeping accommodations upstairs with 6 single beds and 1 double. there is also plenty of room for sleeping on the 35-foot diameter carpeted floor. There are two separate private bathrooms and two separate private showers. For those who require other lodgings, local accommodations in the area are available. Up to 15 parking spaces available. 



Various options are available for meals, snacks, beverages and other nutritional needs. A list of local caterers, restaurants, markets, and food vendors is provided upon request. Snacks, meals, and food may be provided through a vendor offering setup, serving and cleanup or other delivery options. Food may be heated and prepared upon request using Neskaya’s appliances : stove (1), refrigerators (2), microwave (3), freezer (1), teapot (1), urns (2), coffeepots (2) and utensils : pots, pans, dishes, silverware, mugs and glasses. Food arrangements and cooking provisions are discussed upon request. Many local restaurants, co-ops, and markets offer an easy option for offsite eating and experiencing local cuisine.


  • Health & Wellness Retreats & Workshops
  • Weddings
  • Creative Arts Retreats & Workshops
  • Family & Celebration Retreats
  • Religious & Silent Retreats
  • Yoga & Movement Arts
  • Therapeutic Space
  • Group Meeting Space



$25 an hour
$200 up to 24 hours
$400 up to 48 hours

Overnight Sleeping:
Bed – $25 a night (bedding provided)
Floor – $10 a night (bring your own bedding)




For More Information email [email protected]