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Latcho Drom DVD 

Epopee Tzigane: Road of the Gypsies, 2 Volume CD Set (Sold used)

Gypsy Caravan: When the Road Bends (DVD) The film chronicles a six-week trip on which five bands from four countries performed in New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Austin, Ann Arbor, and other North American cities. The documentary also takes us to their respective homelands, which adds considerably to our understanding of this fiery, soulful culture.

Check out Neskaya’s channel on YouTube and Subscribe. (Search Neskaya Movement Arts Center on YouTube) Watch all 3 videos of presenters sharing their programs originally scheduled for Neskaya’s Spring Joining Hands 2020 conference that had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Presenters April Lilley, Tai Summers-McGuinness & Michael McGuinness, and Bobbi Bailin

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What we Danced!

Pravo – Besena Rovena

Basic Cocek – Orfano

Cocek with 3 Touches – To Potiri Cocek

Cocek with Weight Changes – Cocek (Mace Belly)

Tic Tac

Jeni Jol – Ederlezi

Closing Dance – Lindraji Szi

Taksim – melodic improvisation without rhythm except when a percussion instrument is used in the background.