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Web of Dance

Stefan, Lucia, Adrian and Cindy Weave Web of Dance
April 11, 2021
2 – 4 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time (US & Canada)

Online dancing has helped us weave the sparkling web of circle dance across the world more firmly and more inclusively than ever before.

Neskaya presents its fourth of six monthly “Web of Dance” Zoom sessions featuring facilitators from many countries.

This fourth event will be Sunday, April 11, 2021, at 2 pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time (US & Canada), with a theme of “TRANSITION”. The event will last about 90 minutes, with time for informal chat afterwards. Featured this April are Stefan Freedman from the UK, Lucia Cordeiro from Brazil and Adrian Pointon and Cindy Kelly from the UK

Laura Shannon

October 15-17. 2021
Traditional Ritual Dances with live music