Thanks to all our presenters for their generous contributions to Neskaya’s Web of Dance Gathering on November 15, 2020! For more information here is the LIST!


Hazel Young  Email: [email protected]  Website:
Notes from Hazel’s presentation: HAZEL ONLINE IN 2020v4

Bobbi Bailin Email: [email protected]  Website:
Email Bobbi if you want to get a zoom link for her zoom sessions.

Kevin Meyer  Email: [email protected]  Website:
Facebook Live sessions at
Notes from Kevin’s presentation:  KM notes Neskaya 111520

Sylvie-Guylaine Fortin  Email: [email protected]
Facebook Profile: Sylvie-Guylaine Fortin
Dance Event Page: Cerclededansessacrees


Gurunam Khalsa   Email: [email protected]

Anne Catherine McConnell   Email: [email protected]
Notes from Anne Catherine’s presentation: Neskaya – Ah si mon moine – Nov 2020

Maggie Moon   Email: [email protected]

Pablo Scornik   Email: [email protected]  Website:
Dance Information:
Choreographer: Rika Vandervenne from Belgium,
Music: Jon Henrik Fjallgren – Daniel’s Jolk,
Original name in Flemish: Nabijehid, meaning Closeness

Evi Beck   Email: [email protected]

Kirsten Kouwenhoven   Email: [email protected]